The Basque Supper Club, located in Portland, Oregon, is based on the celebrated txokos in the Basque country of northern Spain. A txoko (Basque pronunciation: [choko) is typically a Basque type of closed gastronomical society. Traditionally they are made up of members who come together to cook, experiment with new ways of cooking, eat and socialize. Our menus reflect Chef Javier’s Basque heritage, and result in his interpretation of primitive Basque cuisine using modern techniques.

​The first record of a txoko goes back to 1870 in San Sebastián, Spain, from where they spread outwards geographically in all directions. Txokos became increasingly popular as they were one of the few places where Basques could legally meet without state control, speak Basque, sing Basque songs, eat and drink.

The Basque Supper Club is inspired by my childhood and recent trips of visiting my family in the Basque country. My grandfather would take me on walks in the mornings where we would stop by his txoco, and we would eat some of the most delicious dishes I have ever had.

​- Chef Javier Canteras